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>>> Sailors band together to get relief to cyclone stricken Pacific Islanders <<<
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An Important Note on Storm Preparation

With summer storms becoming ever more prevalent, it may well be worth thinking about how one can reduce the windage on a boat beforehand:

Five square yards of flat surface generates 10 pounds of pressure in a 10-knot breeze. At 30 knots, the same 5 yards creates 90 pounds of force, and at 100 knots, 1,000 pounds.
So less windage is less pressure on your mooring...........


Books and Book Reviews

Just released!

  • For anyone interested in the west of Ireland: Cruising the Wild Atlantic Way
    By Daria Blackwell and Alex Blackwell

    A Word of Welcome to Europe’s Most Precious Gem: The Wild West of the Emerald Isle

    For the adventurous at heart, the wanderer, trailblazer, or artist, the west of Ireland is the place to go, see, and experience life. Bring some time and stay a while, you will never regret it – guaranteed. Whether by land or by sea, visiting Wild Atlantic Way along the coastline of the west of Ireland will reconnect you with nature and with your inner self.
The Brotherhood - Acquisition of Power - Fiction Thriller

Latest Release: The Brotherhood: Acquisition of Power, Book 2 of the exciting Butterfly Effect Series.
Blending current events with historical fiction, this is a book you will want to read in one sitting!

The Brotherhood is another fast paced thriller born in the depths of Alex Blackwell's fertile imagination. Though fiction, it is entirely plausible. Might it actually be happening this very minute?

Read the first 50 pages here free!

More books by us (!)

by (us!) Capt. Alex Blackwell & Capt. Daria Blackwell

Unless you are far offshore, at some point or another you are going to need to park your boat. Just like knowing how to stop your car before you start is perhaps the most important part of driving, we feel that anchoring is perhaps the most important skill you can and should acquire in boating. 226 pages, 182 Illustrations

Happy Hooking is a very readable book loaded with valuable information on anchoring tackle, anchoring technique, tying up and rafting, anchoring etiquette, as well as the occasional anecdote - simply stated a must have!

To read reviews by the Ocean Cruising Club, the Cruising Club of America and other impressive bodies, please click here.

Book Reviews

  • New: All At Sea - One Man. One Bathtub. One very bad Idea., Tim Fitzhighham
    A thoroughly enjoyable true tale of a totally mad Englishman who rowed across the English Channel and the around Kent and up the Thames in a bathtub.
  • New: Merlin’s Voyage, Emmanuelle Buecher-Hall
    A story book that inspires kids to embrace the adventure that lies ahead of the family setting out to voyage across the earth’s oceans.
  • Ocean Drifters, Richard R. Kirby
    This beautiful book would make an exceptional gift for anyone who loves or is drawn to the sea.
  • Top 10+ Cookbooks for Boaters - Recipes To Keep Your Crew From Jumping Ship

Newly Updated

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Sailing and Boating Features and Editorials

  • Yachting is now easier and smarter with Good Anchorage
  • Which Bird Did You See? Merlin Bird ID - available for iOS devices and just released for Android - is a revolutionary new app for identifying common birds of North America.
  • The Future of Sailing - In most parts of the world, people lament the decline in enthusiasm for sailing. And yes, we do see so very, very many boats that never seem to leave the harbor. We have heard many tales of youth sailing programs that have serious rates of attrition from one year to another. What can one do about this?
  • Disaster Preparation - Now we are not predicting a disaster, but this is what we did after one struck and we anticipated the follow-up

  • Sailing Music
    There's something curious about sailing and being on the water. It's not always that just any music will do. Sometimes you have to hear that soothing rhythm that reflects a soul borne on the water. A selection of our favorited with additions from our readers.
    Here are a few samplings.

  • Cruising Outpost - The latest and greatest source of all things Cruising and Adventure Voyaging. - Formerly: Latitudes & Attitudes - Bob Bitchin's irreverent (or is it irrelevant) rag supporting the cruisers lifestyle. It is truly a breath of fresh air. Not for everyone (or at least some won't admit it while reading it in the closet).

  • About The Ocean Cruising Club - Home port for the Ocean Cruising Community

  • Maryland Nautical Sales: Your Complete Navigation Resource Center

Coastal Cruising


Many things to know that will improve your coastal boating skills




GLCC School
  • Learn to Sail with NauticEd beginner to advanced sailing courses



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