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Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities

Why Choose is the one of the world's premier boating websites, attracting large numbers of unique visitors each month. These visitors are actively seeking out information about boating destinations, seamanship, nautical knowhow, products, and services. In fact, the number of page views per customer shows that when they come to visit, our viewers tend to stay a while, giving your ad multiple views and exposing your message for prolonged periods. Your ability to target an interested, affluent, and active community of boaters repeatedly when they are making decisions makes an indispensable communications tool in your marketing mix.

Whether you are marketing to the boaters, or to affluent coastal residents, then we offer you to be a part of a community they choose to visit, not one that is thrust upon them. The people visiting are your customer base.

Your Opportunities

There are several ways to connect to your customers on The site is organized into five main categories: Homeport, Cruising, Resources, Features and Events. Each category has subsections with hundreds of ideas for all boaters, all indexed and easily accessible. We update our content on a daily basis rather than waiting for a monthly edition like static print. This ensures our pick-up and listing high on the hierarchy of top search engines.

We offer multiple options for advertising or sponsorship. You can place a banner ad or button on the home page or you can sponsor an entire section. Within a section you can sponsor individual pages with a zone ad or text link.

We offer a number of different banner and button size/location options as shown in the table below. Each of our banner locations is exclusively available to only one advertiser per month; that means every visitor to the page will see your ad. Likewise, we offer only 10 button slots per page, with each large button option occupying two of these.

Because of our commitment to our sponsors, we ask for a minimum 6-month advertising commitment. Please remember that all banner and button space allocations are done on a strict first come, first served basis.

Outside the Box Thinking

You can also place text links or ‘Zone ads’ in or beside articles that relate to your products or services. Custom opportunities such as topical content specifically tailored for a sponsor, co-branded content, or micro-sites will be considered on an individual request basis. Pick a content topic you know is near and dear to the hearts of your audience, and we'll build a package to attract significant qualified traffic.

Social Media

Your Ad, topical or co-branded content pages can be featured on our Facebook page. Zone ads may also be linked to your own social media page.

To discuss advertising and promotional opportunities, please email us

Standard ad units and rates

Ad Type




Banner Ad

Standard full size banner
468 pixels wide x 60 pixels high

home page


major section


Standard Button

Standard size button, suitable for logo or teaser
120 pixels wide x 60 pixels high

home page


major section


Large Button

Double size button, suitable for message delivery
120 pixels wide x 120 pixels high

home page


major section


Page sponsor or Zone Ad

Supply URL of page and text location you wish to link from.

Maximum file size: gif/jpeg 14K, flash 18k, 3 loops maximum if animated
120 wide x 240 pixels high max.

special position boxed within editorial


Text link*

Supply URL of page and text location you wish to link from.

on an editorial page of your choosing


'Advertorial' Page - Gear, gizmos or services
This is a custom web page about your product or offering on our site

  • Link from homepage to page as a news item
  • Free links from page to your website
  • Thumbnail images of product & description
  • Free posting on the Coastalboating twitter feed
  • Free posting on the Coastalboating facebook page

News Item

€100 (one time)

  • plus:
    • 1 year link from our features page
    • Free posting on our Facebook page
    • 3 month link from our home page
    • Rapid pickup and listing on Google
Featured Articles €1200/year**
  • Free copywriting and description of your product if we test it
Editor's discretion free

* Rates are per month - 6 month minimum
**Rates are per year

Notes, Comments, and Other Stuff:

  • All the ads are placed on our pages as images or text links, and are not affected by adblocking software.
  • Ad units are run for the duration of a full calendar month (starting on the first of the month) for billing purposes.
  • News tems and Advertorial pages
    • Material should be submitted in MS Word format with images placed in the document.
    • They are initially posted on the home page.
    • They are then transferred to an archive page as new items come in.
    • The archived items remain accessible indefinitely at the discretion of the editors.

  • All advertisements are subject to our editorial review. We reserve the absolute right to accept or reject any material at our sole discretion.

General requirements:

  • Formats accepted: GIF, animated GIF, JPEG, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Flash.
  • Ad units must be designed with a minimum 1 pixel border
  • Please contact us for instructions on submitting your material.             

Editorial Guidelines

  • All supplied content, including external links must be aligned with the content of our website.
  • We do not accept anything porn, gaming, or gambling related.
  • All content, including external links is subject to our editorial review.

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