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Ocean Signal SafeSea E100 and E100G Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacons self-test and Exchange process


1.      Ocean Safety Ltd - Ocean Signal Safesea E100/E100g EPIRB SUBJECT: Required Safety Check and Self Testing of Ocean Signal E100/E100G Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRBs)

2.      SUMMARY: Ocean Signal Ltd. is continually monitoring the serviceability of its products to ensure they are maintained in optimum condition to meet regulatory and manufacturer’s requirements.

Ocean Signal have been monitoring service returns of the SafeSea E100 and E100G EPIRBs and are offering the following exchange process for units that are not passing the self-test.

This service advisory notifies customers of the Ocean Signal E100/E100G that they must perform a self-test on their EPIRBs as recommended in the product User Manual. The test should be performed as soon as practically possible. All Ocean Signal EPIRBs should be routinely tested per the user manual on a monthly basis. All Ocean Signal beacons are designed to have sufficient capacity to accommodate a monthly self-test over the lifetime of the battery.

3.      MODELS AFFECTED BY THIS NOTICE: All Ocean Signal SafeSea E100 and E100G Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacons.

4.      APPLICABILITY: Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon Monthly Maintenance and Self Testing

REFERENCES: Marine Equipment Directive 2014/90/EU

5.      ACTION: OwnersoftheSafeSeaE100/E100GEmergencyPosition-IndicatingRadioBeaconsare asked to perform the monthly self-test as soon as practically possible. To perform the self-test, follow the below self-test instructions from the product User Manual Document Part Number: 912S-00624. A reproduction of the self-test page of the user manual can be found at the end of this document.

5.1.  Owners are advised to remove the EPIRB from the mounting bracket or auto release housing before conducting the self-test.

5.2.  For a video tutorial on performing a self-test on the Ocean Signal SafeSea E100/E100G please visit:

5.3.  Following a successful self-test, please check the battery expiration date and ensure your beacon registration has not expired

5.4.  Should the first attempted self-test fail please wait approximately one minute for the EPIRB’s circuitry to completely reset before repeating the self-test. Be sure to watch the video tutorial at

5.5. If the EPIRB starts activation on removal from the bracket, immediately return the EPIRB to the bracket and confirm that after about 10 seconds the LED and strobe lights stop flashing. This will be classified as a self-test failure.

5.6.  If the LEDs continue to flash, remove the battery as soon as is possible and contact your local rescue centre and advise that there may have been a false alert.

5.7.  Following completion of the self-test process please complete the form on the Ocean Signal Website at indicating whether the self-test was successful or failed.

5.8.  For any self-test failures Ocean Signal will provide the appropriate replacement, either rescueME EPIRB1 (manual release) or SafeSea EPIRB1 Pro (with Automatic Release Housing).

5.8.1. Note that the EPRIB1 Pro Automatic Release Housing has compatible mounting holes with the previous ARH100 Housing.

5.9. Customers are reminded to always test your EPIRB monthly in accordance with the product User Manual.

6.      Service and Support: If you have any questions about this Service Information Letter or require any further information please contact Customer Support on +44 (0) 1843 808716 (English Speaking) or +44 (0)1843 808153 ( French Speaking) or email Visit our website to learn more about our products and support network.


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