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Pulling together in the pandemic world

The cruising community at large is an extraordinarily supportive community at the best of times, and the Ocean Cruising Club (OCC) represents some of the most experienced and helpful members of that cruising community. But it is in the worst of times that the fellowship of cruisers shines the brightest.


The OCC would like to recognise all the people who have gone out of their way to help fellow cruisers facing challenging situations and difficult decisions when they found themselves in places they didn’t expect to be as borders closed around the world. This Covid-19 pandemic was like nothing previously experienced, yet OCC members, Roving Rear Commodores, Regional Rear Commodores, Port Officers & PO Representatives and volunteers around the world pulled together to assist all cruisers regardless of affiliation or membership in the OCC. Non-members chipped in, too, helping with various functions from setting up communications channels to sharing verified information. 


The Board and General Committee have approved issuing Ocean Cruising Club commendations to all those we have identified as of 1 May 2020 as having dedicated extraordinary effort in this trying time. Commodore Simon Currin remarked, “The COVID-19 crisis has created unprecedented difficulties for the entire cruising community. I am delighted that the Ocean Cruising Club has been able to deploy its formidable global support network in order to assist all stranded sailors find safe havens.”


Our thanks to all of you and our best wishes for your continued safety. As this pandemic will be with us and things will not be ‘normal’ for some time, the OCC intends to continue to recognise those who go beyond the ordinary to assist others in need. If you hear of someone who is helping cruisers on the front lines, please bring their efforts to our attention.


Ocean Cruising Club Certificates of Appreciation were issued to the following:

Addison Chan

Asadhulla Mohamed

Brian Murray

Daria Blackwell

Frances Rennie

Gordon Nicholl

Graham Gower

Grahame L. Brookes

Guy Chester

Hank George

Jenny Crickmore-Thompson

Jerome Belheurne

Jose Azevedo

Juan Boschetti

Julia Torres

Linda Lane Thornton

Liz & Steve Davis

Mindy Piuk

Peter Whatley


Rick Palm

Russ Owen

Silvio Ramos

Steve Kerswill

Steven Kirk

Sue Richards

Thomas Nicolaisen

Tim Goodyear

Victor Langerwerf


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