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The Boating Experience I Will Always Remember

“People have different hobbies and me too. I adore ice hockey, hiking, and camping. I undertake these activities pretty frequently, but I also wanted to try something new and special. Thus, I made a trip on a boat. It was an amazing boating experience and I’d like to tell more about it and what this experience means for me.


Boating was something completely new and I’ve never tried anything even close to it. I’m from Seattle and so, it seemed to be a crime to never have this experience. I was really satisfied and happy. Nevertheless, it’s necessary to begin from the very beginning. As I am a newcomer in this sport, it would be fair to confess that there were certain difficulties before I ever got a foot on the boat. All the newcomers have to pass serious instructions and consult an experienced sailor. This is what I’ve done and will always recommend everyone who wants to travel by the water.


So, the first thing I did was passing a short but informative boating course with a skilled and experienced sailor. His instructions were straightforward and useful. He didn’t pay much heed to the beauty and pleasant feelings you experience on a water trip. He paid my attention to what should be done and what must never be done to ensure safety and convenience.


Secondly, I made a checklist. It includes all the things, which are important when you travel on a boat. When you prepare for a small cruise, consider the following points:

  • Life jacket
  • Water and food
  • Pills against seasickness and other possible diseases
  • Navigator and map
  • Batteries and chargers
  • Lantern
  • Means of communication.

Obligatorily double check the list. Thus, you’ll be confident you haven’t missed anything vital. Afterward, go to the third essential point, which is checking the weather. You ought to be weather-wise and see the forecast beforehand. Choose a sunny day without any wind and precipitation. Thus, you avoid potential complications and ensure your comfort and safety.


Don’t take alcohol with you at any rate! It blurs our mind and may induce dangerous accidents. Another warning is to never bring bananas on the boat. It may sound funny but my friend once slipped on it and hit his head hard. It’s funny to tell but I asked that very friend to go with me on my first “voyage”. It’s likewise important to have an experienced person during your first boating experience. Otherwise, you sufficiently threaten your life.


After all the preparations and precautions, I was finally ready to take a trip. The day was sunny and warm because I checked the weather forecast beforehand. There were no unpleasant surprises. My experienced friend was with me and nothing interfered with that marvel. We spent three splendid hours boating and I didn’t even have seasickness. The impressions were amazing. I felt great freedom and unity with nature. Water has a soothing effect on me and helps to lessen any nervous tension. This is one of the best ways to relax and enjoy life to the fullest.


That water trip was one of the most memorable and exciting things I’ve ever done and it has a huge value for me. Firstly, it became my new strong and persistent hobby. I have even joined one good boating club. Secondly, I’ve widened my horizons and discovered new important things. The world isn’t in the books or on the screen of the TV-set. It’s outside your home and you never know what new experience may somehow change you and help to live a fuller life.”


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Essay on My Boating Experience

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