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Seminar on Cruising Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way with the Cruising Association a Big Success in London, England

Cruising the Wild Atlantic Way

The Seminar on Cruising Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way presented by cruising sailors Daria and Alex Blackwell at the Cruising Association headquarters at Limehouse Basin in London on March 16 was by everyone’s estimation a resounding success. Cruising Association members and guests were introduced to how to prepare for and what to expect when cruising Ireland’s west coast.

There are few places on this earth that are more beautiful, more wild, or more remote than the west of Ireland. Authors Daria and Alex shared their experience from years of cruising along this coast and its islands, richly illustrating the locations with stunning photography, charts and maps in a lively and interesting presentation.

The talk, based on their recently published book, Cruising the Wild Atlantic Way, provided the essential information you need before you go, and insights into what you may find when you get there. It outlined a logical route along the less travelled coast from Cork to Donegal with stops in picturesque harbours, villages, and islands along the way. It encouraged visitors to see the land as it was seen by explorers centuries ago, along one of the most unspoiled stretches of coastline in Europe. 

As part of the Cool Route, a sailing route from Cork to Norway being developed under an EU grant, recent changes in infrastructure and a new marketing effort will encourage visitors to explore by sea ( New marinas and new support services are making this remote and unspoiled region more accessible than ever before. Meanwhile, the Wild Atlantic Way, the world’s longest defined coastal touring route, is providing unprecedented access to shore side amenities and hidden gems (

The Blackwells discussed topics such as weather forecasts and how to receive and interpret them as well as marine services, provisioning, crew changes, and the newly established foodie culture celebrating regional terroir. They gave a brief recount of how different historical events going back up to 6,000 years BC shaped Ireland’s heritage. They then proceeded to describe well over thirty destinations, ports, harbours, and outlying islands, providing enticing details of their accessibility, history, culture, activities, and services. They even mentioned how visiting Ireland by boat for UK registered vessels would become more difficult should the UK exit the EU.

The audience was intrigued and posed interesting questions. Some made immediate plans for their coming summer cruise, while others thought back on sailing adventures they had undertaken years before.

“Listened to an excellent presentation last night by Daria and Alex Blackwell on Cruising the Wild Atlantic Way - very informative for anyone wishing to do the west coast of Ireland and certainly had me revising future sailing plans!” Jenny Crickmore-Thompson, Ocean Cruising Club (OCC) Rear Commodore for the United Kingdom and member of the Cruising Association (CA), posted on Facebook

CA member Helen Wilson said, “Wow that was really well done. You explained things I never knew about Ireland. I had no idea there was so much history along the coastal regions, and now I feel prepared to go there and explore it myself. You certainly made me want to go.”

 “Great talk last night, extremely well presented and well received,” noted John Franklin, OCC Commodore and CA member.

A couple who had visited the west of Ireland the year before commented, “I wish we had known about the maps with the headlands and Irish Coast Guard VHF channels. When we were there last year, we had no idea how to interpret the weather forecast. This would have made such a difference.”

“We appreciated the abundance of practical information about the region as well as the history, and we greatly enjoyed your photography and your humour. You had both clearly put in a great deal of preparation, not only in the PowerPoint itself – which was first class – but in your delivery.  Although we have had lectures given by two presenters on many occasions, we were especially impressed that you did it so seamlessly: i.e. each allowing the other to speak without interruption!” Jeremy Batch, CA Lectures Group / Administrator.

Daria and Alex Blackwell are blue water sailors currently based in the West of Ireland.  They have sailed their Bowman 57 ketch along the east coast of the US, across the North Atlantic to Ireland, then on to the Caribbean via Spain, Portugal and the Canaries, before returning to Ireland via the Azores. They have since sailed the west coasts of Ireland and Scotland and are co-authors of Cruising the Wild Atlantic Way and the bestselling Happy Hooking - The Art of Anchoring. Daria is a USCG-licensed captain and Alex is a Master Mariner.

Cruising the Wild Atlantic Way is based on Daria and Alex Blackwell’s experience from their years of cruising along the coast and islands. It is richly illustrated with photography of the locations, charts and maps.

For more information, or to purchase a copy, visit:  ISBN13 9781511922654, 274 pages, Kindle and soft cover, 8x10”, with full colour throughout.

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Alex Blackwell and Daria Blackwell
Alex & Daria Blackwell


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