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Cloud data services link-up to provide real-time vessel monitoring and visualization

Chetco Digital Instruments (CDI) has partnered with to offer a complete vessel monitoring and data visualization system based on cloud data services. By integrating CDI’s vessel data acquisition and storage service with Telemetryapp’s data board visualization, complete end-to-end vessel monitoring is now available with minimal configuration and virtually no development costs. offers direct communication links with vessel sensor and instrument systems by levering already installed networks via its SeaSmartTM Gateways and provide internet access using established on-board equipment. Data
is uploaded directly to Cloud servers for storage and retrieval using advanced search engine technology and Web APIs. With, clients pull both stored and live data for charting, mapping, tracking, graphs, alerts and reports. is leading the way in offering cloud-based data visualization services where customers can quickly build sophisticated graphics boards using a library of tools and widgets, and display them on any compatible browser device or TV.

The new partnership creates a direct link between data collection and visualization to offer customers a one-stop solution. customers can now instantly link selected live data feeds with and start designing their own data boards on a single site. New customers can be added directly from and receive a 90 day FREE trial before incurring a small monthly access fee.

“Telemetry’s data visualization services provides a key component in assisting our customer’s data analysis needs,” says Joe Burke, CTO, Chetco Digital Instruments. “The goal behind HelmSmart is to create a portal between vessel on-board data networks and the power of Cloud services such as”, Burke adds. “With we can offer a complete monitoring system without replicating development efforts.”

Telemetryapp’s standard WEB API’s simplify the task of linking data between services and leverages the common approach taken by both companies to share and exchange data across platforms.

“We’re excited to partner with HelmSmart. Both recreational boaters and commercial fleets will now have access to whole a spectrum of marine based real time visualizations that haven’t been this readily available before.” Chris Hilliard, Director,

HelmSmartTM is designed to simplify access to vessel network data by creating a common format for all sensors like fluid tanks, batteries, bilge levels, engines, weather, compass, sonar and more. Existing networks are supported including Ethernet, CAN Bus (J19), Wi-Fi, NMEA 2000 and NMEA 0183. SeaSmart Gateways provide the physical interface from vessel to cloud while HelmSmart provides the client visual interface. HelmSmart is compatible with other vendor protocols and equipment including Garmin, Navico (Lowrance/Simrad/B&G), Raymarine, Humminbird, Maretron, and Actisense. Once data reaches the HelmSmart cloud, it does not matter where it came from.

All that is required to start using the HelmSmart service is a SeaSmart Gateway and Internet connection. SeaSmart adapters can access the Internet directly via WiFi hotspots, Cellular networks, cable modems and Ethernet. If no connection is available, SeaSmart will record data to local SD memory, which can be later uploaded to the HelmSmart servers using built-in browser interface. The SD memory cards can hold over a year worth of data and can be removed for manual upload. Data can be also uploaded directly from any PC or Laptop with an Internet connection and network gateway such as a NMEA 2000 to USB adapter from Chetco Digital or Active Research. SeaGaugeTM products are also available to convert up 16 sensor outputs directly to PushSmartTM protocol and send directly to HelmSmart servers without requiring a full on-board network.

For further information on HelmSmart visit Guests can access the live site at and view actual sample data. products are available directly on-line at and Pricing starts at $395 for USB/Serial and $495 for the basic NMEA 2000. Volume and kit pricing is available.

For more information on SeaSmart.Net, visit Information on SeaGauge and other Chetco Digital Instruments products, including where to purchase, is available at



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